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Visitor Management

Walk-in & Pre-registration

Enable pre-registration of company visitors and on-site temporary workers.

Unregistered visitors are able to select whom they want to see and the employee receives a live notification of their arrival


  • Kiosk sign-in

  • QR-Code reading

  • Set time limit on visitation permission

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Timesheet app where the organization can define and track Projects, Tasks and Activities.  The solution offers hierarchical approvals, KPI and detailed reporting.

Financial Report
dkPower – Management Dashboard

Dashboard providing management-level KPI´s from the dk Software ERP System

Visitor registration.png
dkPower – Sales Team Dashboard

Dashboard providing KPI´s and details that facilitate Sales Team for organizations running dk Software ERP System. 


This component is especially relevant for wholesalers with commission driven sales teams. 

Hotel Staff with Towels
Hotel Operations Dashboard

Management dashboard for Hotel operators.  Data is collected from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of multiple operating units. 

Data is sourced from the following systems:

  • Property Management System (PMS)

  • ERP

  • Retail / Restaurant cashiers

  • Time registration

Women Fishing
Group Event Booking System

Booking system for Group Events and configurable add-on services including upselling of additional services tailored for the event.

Adult Education Course
Continued education management

Booking and management system for companies wanting to keep structured  education services to their employees.


  • Set up courses

  • Assign trainers

  • Self service sign-up

  • Automatic scheduling

  • In-person/Remote management

  • Wait lists

  • Real-time notifications

Neat Computer Desk
Equipment requests

Self service portal for employees to register request for equipment to be used on the job.

  • Equipment types

  • Managerial approvals

  • Reason codes

  • Real-time notifications

Vacation/Leave Requests

Self service portal for employees to register request vacation and/or leave.

  • Employee balances

  • Departmental view of bookings

  • Full/Half day requests

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Reason codes

  • Real-time notifications

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