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About ST2

Business Team
Microsoft Power Platform is our specialty

Founded by industry experts and Microsoft veterans, we are a team with deep expertise in building, marketing, selling, implementing and supporting Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions.


We work in a system of repeated cycles (iterations), allowing business stakeholders to take advantage of what was learned during development of earlier iterations. Learning is drawn from the configuration/development and use of the system, where possible key steps in the process start with a less complex subset of the business process and then iteratively enhancing the evolving outputs.

At each iteration, design modifications are made, and new capabilities added.

We begin with a study of the organization and the environment with the strategic end-game in mind. This diagnosis identifies the key trends, indicating the future state of the organization. Milestones with empowered owners are then identified and systematically reviewed, embedding a strategic and agile culture.

Our engagement model allows us to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short time and thereby realizing tangible value for our customers in measurable steps.

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